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My experience with EVE University’s 17th anniversary

This was the craziest week for me yet in EVEā€¦ EVE University had it’s 17th anniversary on the 15th of March. I really enjoyed taking part and even being able to contribute in some way to the celebration. Fellow Unistas Auron Delarnu and Psychotic Fickity did a great job getting a week of amazing events […]

A Band Apart’s Frigate FFA 2021

What an event! I was pretty hyped when Rixx Javix of A Band Apart announced the 7th Annual Frigate Free For All to take place in Ouelletta, just two jumps away from the EVE University High-Sec Campus. As more details were published in the week leading up to the FFA, I got more and more […]

My Guardians Gala Odysee

This year’s Guardians Gala was the first seasonal event I got a real drive to actually get involved in and grind all the points to get that black Machariel SKIN. Obviously getting a nice one for the best ship (Rifter) along the way was certainly a plus!As exploration has always been my main activity besides […]

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