Join me on my journey through New Eden. Discover the many different facets of EVE Online and learn together with me, as we dive deeper and deeper into this Universe.

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(Repost) Celebrate the 14th anniversary of EVE University with us!

This was originally posted 06.03.2018 on the EVE University blog. It was also published on INN. “I founded EVE University to create a place where new players could get together and be appreciated for who they were. Classes and doing things together were important but nothing was, and is, more important than the positive attitude […]

Interview: Hideo Date, FC and Lecturer at EVE University

This is an interview Jezaja did with me. The original German Version is on his blog. The English translation can also be found on the EVE University blog (once it’s up). Some names in EVE Online stick with you for years. Just like Hideo Date, who I met at some point, unfortunately lost sight of […]

EVE Uni: 2017 in review

This was originally posted on the 25.01.2018 on INN As a member of EVE University, arguably the oldest organization dedicated to teaching and learning in EVE, I have had the opportunity to experience many different sides of the game and come away from the year with fantastic experiences. A strong part of our corporate culture […]

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